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Distracted Driver Cover Up

We hear a great deal about distracted driving these days. Texting, talking, recording, even posting to social network cites have all been blamed for serious injury crashes in the past several months. It seems like a new study of the carnage caused by distracted drivers appears every month. The New York Times is even running […]

Bicycle Brake Recall

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a recall of SRAM hydraulic bicycle brakes. http://www.cpsc.gov/en/Recalls/2014/SRAM-Recalls-Hydraulic-Bicycle-Brakes/ The brakes are unsafe and might fail suddenly causing serious bicycle accidents. No fix is offered on the website, “replace” is the only option listed. Ten manufacturers that incorporated the hydraulic braking systems are listed in the recall.  Both rim […]

But officer, I was in the Crosswalk!

This is meant to follow up on the recent studies focused on trying to figure out why drivers run down pedestrians in crosswalks during right or left hand turns. Trucks are particularly notorious for doing this due to their many blind spots. A recent newspaper article brought to mind my experiences with what I refer […]

Under Insured Motorist Insurance in Washington State

By statute and court decision Washington state has developed a consumer friendly law of under insured motorist insurance. Under insured motorist coverage provides you with insurance when the at fault party has no insurance or does not have enough insurance. This coverage is also known by the abbreviations UM and UIM. Lawyers use UM for the completely uninsured driver. […]

Regular Use Exemption Leaves Drivers Uninsured

Buying auto insurance shouldn’t be like Russian Roulette, but sometimes it is. How a company applies a common exclusion found in all automobile policies makes a big difference in the value you receive. The exclusion is referred to as “the available for regular use” exemption. It is designed prevent you from covering multiple cars you […]

Motorcycle Crashes Taken Seriously: A Case Study

This is a discussion of an actual case. In this case we suspected liability would be contested based on statements an officer made to the cyclist. We acted quickly to ensure all evidence was secured. As a result we obtained a favorable result. The lesson however is that a motorcycle case must always be treated as contested. […]