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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

The first lesson any lawyer who wants to handle motorcycle crash cases learns is that you can’t handle these cases like car crashes. Liability will nearly always be denied. Even if fault is clear there will be attempts to blame the motorcyclist for “failure to avoid”. This defense can be based on the thinnest of […]

Get The Compensation You Deserve

When you are injured in an accident as a result of the negligence or recklessness of another party, you deserve to be compensated. Contacting a Vancouver accident lawyer is the first step and a free consultation now is a good start. Compensation includes: Property damage: We can help with your property damage claim, appraisal and […]

Tips for Selecting a Chiropractor for Your Personal Injury

As the injured victim of an automobile collision in Washington or Oregon one of your first priorities is to get effective medical treatment. The second is to make sure your medical bills are paid. If you choose to undergo chiropractic treatment, selecting the right chiropractor can make a big difference in the out come of your personal injury claim. The […]

ERISA – Punishing the Innocent

One of the worst things things that can happen to you is to be injured through no choice or fault of your own. If you think nothing could be worse than being smashed up by some drunken driver you are wrong. There is something worse and it comes from a series of United States Supreme […]

Pedestrians Run Down in Crosswalks – Why?

It has long been known that the “free right turn” is a major factor in pedestrian injuries in urban crosswalks. Drivers look left but don’t check back to their right when turning. This type of collision explains the folding mirrors, inset door handles and flush bumpers on modern cars. Now a new traffic technology designed […]

Home Elevators Killing Children – Easy Fix Ignored

Safety Research and Strategies Inc., a leader in safety engineering and failure analysis has recently published an expose’ on the shocking number of children killed and maimed in elevators with swing type outer doors. The information SRS has gathered presents a very disturbing picture of neglect spanning decades. Although the worlds leading elevator manufacturer has […]

Insurers Try To Avoid Responsibility

Imagine a nightmare scenario. Your car is demolished due to the violation of numerous driver safety rules by an insured motorist. The motorist admits she left her glasses at home and can barely see. She tells the officer she does not know if the light was green or not, she couldn’t see it. You contact […]