After a Clark County car accident, you might see a drone in the sky

Watch the skies above Clark County, for risk-busting, profit-maximizing drones, sent by an insurance company to investigate the immediate aftermath of motor vehicle collisions. It could happen soon. And it’s not my idea; it’s theirs. 

In 2012, there were 3,800 reported car accidents in Clark County. That’s a lot of spying to do. With that much air traffic, I hope they are insured.


Distracted Drivers

It is hard to believe that the publicity surrounding the effects of distracted driving has made no apparent dent in this dangerous practice. Leaving my office each evening I count numerous drivers on the phone as they hit the streets. Stopping at a street corner every driver seems to have a phone pressed to their ear as they roll through the crosswalk without looking, narrowly missing pedestrians and sometimes other cars.
Within days one motorcyclist was killed and another injured by a distracted driver in our county. The increase in high speed rear end collisions is largely due to drivers who do not even brake, they have no clue traffic ahead has stopped.
Driving while talking on a cell phone is equivalent to driving after several drinks. Texting while driving is even worse, yet we see drivers doing both everywhere we go.
How can this practice be stopped? Major penalties are one way. Making sure juries hear about it is another. The best way is personal responsibility. Don’t answer or attempt to initiate a phone call while driving. Your life depends on it.

Bicycle Brake Recall

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a recall of SRAM hydraulic bicycle brakes.

The brakes are unsafe and might fail suddenly causing serious bicycle accidents. No fix is offered on the website, “replace” is the only option listed. Ten manufacturers that incorporated the hydraulic braking systems are listed in the recall.  Both rim brakes and disc brakes are included in the recall.

If you are the type of bicycling enthusiast who invests in top of the line brakes for you bike this recall may affect you.

CCRS lawyer Bruce Colven is an experienced Vancouver bicycle accident lawyer who specializes in representing clients who have been injured in bicycle accidents.