Vancouver Slip and Fall Attorney

Seeking Legal Representation After a Fall or Crash In The State of Washington

Walkways are often wet in Washington state, which increases the risk of slips and falls. It also increases the likelihood of traffic accidents on slippery roads and highways. The victims of traffic or slip-and-fall accidents may be seriously hurt and require compensation to cover the resulting costs. It is these victims who are in need of a Vancouver personal injury attorney.

In Washington and elsewhere in the country, tort laws are designed to help pedestrians and motorists who suffer physical and psychological harm from the negligence of others. In the case of a slip-and-fall accident, the victim would be expected to pursue damages under the principles of premises liability. Under these rules, business or property owners are expected to maintain their walkways, which should be properly designed and built, uncluttered and free from the accumulation of water or other slippery substances. Their failure to comply with these rules can make the owners liable for damages in the event of an accident. However, winning such a case may not be an easy task.

After a fall, the property owner may try to claim that the victim did something careless to cause or worsen his or her injury. If successful, the defendant may be able to reduce the amount being sought by the plaintiff significantly. In representing the victim, a personal injury attorney will study the circumstances of the accident, enlisting experts if necessary, to help determine who was most responsible and thus who is liable for damages. The attorney may agree to an out-of-court settlement or, in the interests of the client, could decide to take the case before a jury. Vehicular accidents can be even more complicated events, often lacking clear evidence as to who is most responsible.

After a traffic crash, it is important to record as much information as possible at the scene. In the event of severe injuries, it would be wise to seek proper legal representation. An attorney can help victims obtain the compensation needed to cover medical expenses, lost wages and even for the emotional pain and suffering related to their injuries. Whether you experience a fall while walking or a crash while driving, you should consider turning to our personal injury attorney at CCRS Law in Vancouver to help you obtain the justice you deserve.