Work Place Wrongful Death Caused by Cutting Corners

An average of 13 workers were killed on the job each day in 2011. Statistics for more recent years are not available but the toll of personal injuries and wrongful deaths continues to mount. Most of these injuries and untimely deaths are preventable if safety rules are followed.  April 28th is Workers Memorial Day in the United States, take a moment to reflect on how your work place can be made more safe for you and other workers as well as visitors and customers.

Linked below is yet another in a long list of stories telling us about workers losing their lives on the job because someone decided to cut corners. It seems we hear about these things daily. Deficient lighting caused a bus driver to run down a co-worker who was walking to her own bus. Signs in a loading area directed pedestrians into the path of trucks entering at unsafe speeds at a work site. Faulty tie down straps and other safety equipment allowed a large piece of equipment to fall on workers attempting to load a semi truck in Vancouver. A long investigation has disclosed that Tesoro was responsible for the death of 7 workers at its refinery in Anacortes Washington. Of course fault was denied and usually the worker was blamed in all of these cases.

When the Tesoro refinery in Anacortes was rocked by a huge blast in 2010 seven workers died. The Seattle PI reports that the U.S. Chemical Safety Board has issued its long delayed report on the tragic blast. The finding is that this and other blasts across the country are preventable.

Washington on the job injuries and wrongful deaths require careful investigation by an experienced personal injury law firm.