Pedestrians Run Down in Crosswalks – Why?

It has long been known that the “free right turn” is a major factor in pedestrian injuries in urban crosswalks. Drivers look left but don’t check back to their right when turning. This type of collision explains the folding mirrors, inset door handles and flush bumpers on modern cars. Now a new traffic technology designed to save time and cut pollution is producing increased pedestrian injuries.

Many municipalities have begun using flashing yellow errors to signal permissive left turns. With the new technology a new danger has come to light. Pedestrians are being hit while crossing, in the crosswalk with a walk signal. A recent study sheds light on the reason.

As reported by,the study by researchers from Portland State University and Oregon State University found that an alarming number of drivers do not look for pedestrians before turning. Using simulators and devices to measure where driver’s looked researchers found that the greater the traffic, the less likely a driver is to check the crosswalk before turning.

While traffic engineers work to counter the effect of this new technology both drivers and pedestrians should be on the alert for one another.