Store Liability for Accidents

Store owners can be liable for accidents caused by dangerous conditions. One of the prime pieces of evidence are video surveillance tapes. It is crucial to notify the store of an accident to see if such surveillance can be preserved. I have handled a number of cases where the accident is shown on video. In many cases, the falls occur because of liquid on the floor which the store employees should have cleaned. Under Washington law, in order to prove liability for a fall on a foreign substance (like water or spilled produce), it is necessary to prove that the employees knew or should have known that the substance was there and they failed to either warn or clean.
Proving that the employees knew a danger was present is usually very difficult, but if evidence (such as video surveillance) shows that it was there for a significant period and no one either inspected or cleaned, then a claim can be strengthened. Often these types of accidents can cause serious injuries, and it is crucial to get prompt legal advice from an experienced lawyer.