What is A Personal Injury Attorney and How Can they Help Me?

A personal injury attorney is a civil litigator who offers legal representation to individuals who have suffered psychological or physical injury, due to the negligent actions of another person or entity. A personal injury attorney deals in a field of law called tort law that covers civil wrongs or injuries and also includes the breach of contracts and defamation. The primary aim of tort law is to compensate the injured person.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

How Can A Personal Injury Attorney Help Me?

The typical tasks of a personal injury attorney include evaluating the strength of any given case, investigating claims, gathering evidence, researching case law, formulating legal theories, drafting motions, pleadings and discovery, preparing for trial, interviewing witnesses and counseling clients.

A personal injury attorney will help a plaintiff get compensated for losses that include pain and suffering, emotional distress, medical expenses, loss of companionship, losing your earning capacity, attorney fees, and legal costs.

How to Handle a Car Accident

If you are involved in a car crash, there are several things you can do to uphold your rights. The following are some essential things to consider:

  • Drivers: find out whom the driver(s) involved in the accident were. Write their names, contacts and license numbers. Determine whether the driver was intoxicated.
  • Passengers: Determine if they were any passengers in the vehicles involved and if so, find out their names and contact details
  • Pedestrian and Witnesses: Acquire the names and contact details of pedestrians who are also the witnesses to how the accident took place.
  • Record where the accident took place, the time it took place, the weather conditions, how the accident happened and where the vehicles involved were headed.
  • Determine if there were injuries or if any of the vehicles was damaged
  • Call up the authorities: The presence of police will ensure that evidence at the scene of the accident is not tampered with and that the injured parties are attended to.
  • Get medical attention: Even though you are not injured or have suffered minor injuries, you should visit a doctor for a complete check-up.
  • Contact your insurance carrier

If you or a someone you know is involved in a car accident, you need to consult our dedicated Vancouver personal injury attorneys today. Our attorneys at CCRS Law will assist you in handling the auto insurance company and provide you with legal representation if the case goes to trial.