Before You Hire a Vancouver Washington Personal Injury Lawyer

The process of hiring a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver can be difficult and it is normal to feel overwhelmed.  A good lawyer will help you win your case, and look out for your interests. There are many issues to consider when choosing a lawyer. Be sure to interview a number of different Vancouver lawyers to be absolutely sure you find the lawyer who will best handle your case. A good place to start is an internet search using Google, Bing, Yahoo, Avvo, or other tools to run down information.The following questions are intended to help you in the selection process as you choose the right Vancouver attorney.

  • Start with: Have you tried a case like this? Have you arbitrated a case like this? Many who call themselves “personal injury” attorney’s have never tried a case.
  • What training do you have in this area of law? Do not be afraid to ask for documentation of education including continuing education. This is a very important part of selecting the right lawyer for your needs.
  • Do you teach this area of practice to other lawyers? A sure sign of a quality lawyer is acceptance as a teacher among peers.
  • What is your work experience in your areas of practice?  Many lawyers dabble in personal injury and wrongful death cases hoping to pull in a case and make a quick settlement. You do not want a divorce lawyer handling your serious personal injury or wrongful death case. Don’t be afraid to ask how many cases the lawyer has taken to trial or arbitration.
  • What is your rate structure? We believe graduated rate structures are a come on and an indication the lawyer is not willing to fight for you. In our office at Caron, Colven, Robison, Shafton, most personal injury and wrongful death cases are charged a contingent fee of one third at every stage of the proceedings. We do not demand a higher fee to do what you hired us to do, go to trial. We aggressively pursue our cases and anticipate filing most of them.
  • Have you handled this type of case before? Ask for examples.  While not completely necessary to know, it can ease your mind to know that your lawyer has worked on cases like yours in Vancouver, Portland and Southwest Washington.
  • Does the attorney handle appeals? Most aggressive and experienced personal injury, litigaton, insurance law and wrongful death attorneys will have some appellate decisions listed under their name.
  • How are litigation costs handled? Serious personal injury lawyers do not ask you to pay up front or force you to finance your personal injury or wrongful death case as you go. A law firm that cannot afford to fund your case is not a good choice.
  • How will you keep me posted on the progress of the case? Before hiring a Vancouver lawyer make sure you understand how they plan on communicating the details of the case with you. When you are harmed in an accident in Vancouver, contact the law firm of Caron, Colven, Robison & Shafton today for a free initial consultation.
  • Look carefully at the fee agreement. Are you being asked to pay overhead in addition to a contingent fee agreement? Is the agreement more concerned about the lawyer getting paid after you fire them than anything else? Graduated fees are often a sign of a lawyer who does not want to take your case to trial. A low 25% fee followed by 33.33% to 50% fees if the lawyer actually has to go to court can be intended to force you to settle short.